Miami: A World of House Music

Miami: A World of House Music

Prepare yourself for the most incredible 72-hour house music experience, kicking off this Friday, October 20, 2023, in the mesmerizing city of Miami. It's a utopia for house music enthusiasts.

The journey commences with III Points, the world's most colossal house music festival. Nestled in the artistic heart of Miami, Wynwood, this festival kicks off at 3 pm and carries on until the early hours of Saturday, 4 am. Day one is unmissable, boasting a lineup that includes the likes of Fred Again, Skrillex, Black Coffee, and Dom Dolla, among others.

Once you've absorbed the electrifying energy of III Points' first night, you face a choice: embrace slumber or venture to Space Miami, America's premier house music club. There, you can groove to the captivating tunes of Cloonee and the mesmerizing Ame b2b Dixon until sunrise. Feel free to grab lunch as the morning sun graces the dancefloor.

After your slumber or dancefloor adventure at Space Miami, the final day of III Points awaits, featuring towering figures in the house music scene such as Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers. These acts promise an unforgettable ride through sound.

III Points also harbors a hidden gem—the Despacio tent. This exclusive vinyl-only event space hosts performances on what's hailed as "The World's Greatest Soundsystem." The brilliant minds behind this concept include James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, the artists from Soulwax, David Dewaele, and Stephen Deaele, alongside audio engineer John Klett. It's an absolute must-see at III Points.

Following the closing moments of III Points, your destination is back to Space Miami, where Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers take the decks, going back to back for what could be the next 12 hours. Yes, you read that right, a marathon set that will keep the party alive until Sunday dinner.

As day turns to night, you might want to refuel with food, catch some rest, or simply stay at Space. Here's the beauty of Space Miami on big weekends—it never closes. Once you're in, you can immerse yourself for days. So, after The Martinez Brothers and Jamie Jones, later that night, John Summit takes the stage, headlining into the wee hours of Monday morning, from 5 am until 3 pm.

In Miami, on a grand weekend like this, it becomes a different beast altogether. Our recommendation? Stock up on sleep and hydration beforehand because this ride is bound to be wild.

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